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As an Affiliated Branch of AWGB, Lancashire Woodturners (The Club) will follow the General Safety Guidance

Safe Steps:

1. Safety visor or goggles must be worn,

2. Solid Shoes must be worn,

3. Secure loose items eg long hair & sleeves. Remove ties & jewellery.

4. Speed – ensure the lathe is set to a speed suitable for the job,

5. Security – check that the work piece is properly held,

6. Set The Tool Rest Height and position,

7. SPIN the work to ensure it doesn’t foul the tool rest.

8. Support – always ensure that the tool is on the tool rest before engaging the timber,

9. STOP the lathe if at any point you are unsure of what you are expected to do.


AWGB- The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain

Initially, at least for the 1st year, Lancashire Woodturners (The Club) will be an Affiliated Branch to the above Association. This provides the following insurance cover:

Public and Products Liability including:

  • Member to Member liability

  • Demonstrations

  • Tuition

  • Exhibitions

  • Damage to rented or hired premise

Limit: £5,000,000.

Excluding cover for communicable disease with the exception of food poisoning and Legionnaires’ disease.

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